Sunday, February 5, 2017

Love, Unconditionally

We understand and we love. We hear your prayers and we send those wise humans to assist you personally and globally. We see your struggle and wait to ask us for assistance. We are here for you a constant energy of love and support. 

It is our goal to assist with love and unify those of you who are ready to be united with each other, with us and on larger scales. 

Many of you pray for peace, love and unity, however you have terms, conditions and clauses. We, Mother Mary, the other Ascended Masters and Angelics have no conditions, terms or clauses to our love. 

It is of our opinion, you limit what we can do for you. Take back your conditions, clauses and terms. Open your hearts and minds to infinite possibilities you can create.   

We ask you to widen your vision, your environment is a reflection of you personally. We always ask you to start with you. Everything you could ever want or desire is within you, your soul, your heart. 

These are concepts and ideas we wish to share with you so you may have a better understanding of love and acceptance -

1.) Practice meditation and prayer. Meditation is opening yourself to the answer of your prayer. Write, draw, express somehow the information the comes to you from your guidance. 

2.) Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love. 
Your heart chakra is the mediator of your energy systems or chakras. When the heart chakra is open and healthy, the rest of your chakras with start to open and line up, balance.   

3.) Look to your personal environment. Keep it clear, clean and organized. This will help your energy field stay clear and assist you with making clear decisions from your heart. 

Doing these small steps with assist you with feeling comfortable in your human body and your personal environment.  You are the savior of your own life. We are here to assist you with saving and and living your life to its fullest potential. 

Loving yourself unconditionally will bring you into unity with your soul, higher self, guides, angels and ascended masters and ultimately your Source. 

It is the end of an era of how your communities and governments are being run. We ask you to make wise choices about who governs your communities and also to be discerning about who you choose to lead you communities and countries. Stand up and be heard to support those who will bring quality in your lives. 

If you do not know who to support, ask for guidance and meditate, right down your impressions. Ask for the highest good during your prayers. This assists us with making your intentions and prayers possible. Asking for the highest good of all beings everywhere gives us unlimited possibilities to give you. What a blessing this is for you and us!

We love you! We bless you!

Mother Mary

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

the Season of Mother Mary

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee: 
Blessed art Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us, now and at the hour of our death. 


This is the time of year when Mother Mary starts up her conversation with me. She has asked me to tell the story about She and I. 

I was raised Roman Catholic. I liked going to church, I especially like the donuts after church. I liked the stories and singing. As a child we had a great parish, a lot of really awesome people in our community. My family looked forward to our once a week celebration. 

As I grew older and more aware of what the scripture said about women. I decided to look more into the history of Catholicism and the lives of the players in this most important story.  My own inner heart told me to keep searching for answers. I felt like the God or Creator would not view women or females the way the bible spoke about. It did not feel right to me. 

I grew up with out the internet. Research was done through library and books I bought in actual bookstores. Honestly there is not much written about Mother Mary, herself. I continued to search for information about Mother Mary and I did find out quite a bit about what life was like when she was alive. Yes, she was a human being. 

Mary had more than one son, Yeshua or Jesus was the oldest child of the ben Yosef family. 
Mary knew how to cook, keep house, take care of her children and she loved her husband Yosef. 
Mary was a Jewish woman. She was humble, kind, loving and gracious. 
Mary was of the lineage of David. 
Mary assisted with the support of her son Yeshua when he was on the road preaching and teaching. The women always made sure the men were fed, clothed and sheltered when possible. 

I am a trance channel for Mary. When I realized it was Mother Mary talking to me, whispering to me about being gracious, loving and discerning. I felt immediately like oh-oh, am I up to the task of being a channel for Mary? She is after all the mother of Yeshua. 

I wasn't Catholic anymore, I didn't believe that her son was my savior. 
I considered the Bible as a history book.  
I am not into conversion. I feel like everyone has their way.
I don't believe in the idea of sin. 
I am courageous and outspoken.

Why the heck did she choose me?

Her answer to me was - Why not? 
I am an ascended master, I am not Catholic, the Bible does tell the history of the Christian Religion. I am not here to convert you, I am here to expand your way of being, to offer you assistance. You have asked - 'How do I become a better vessel for the Creator?' I have suggestions for you. 

Where I dwell there is no religion, there is no sin, there is love and expansion of love. I am here to assist you with Heaven on Earth. You are the Heaven on Earth. You need not look for it. You are it. As you and the people on Earth see/feel this so the Earth will change in your eyes. 

She starts talking to me about this time of year. I can feel her presence around me and I have found Mary's presence comforts and reminds me of my courage. I call Fall and Winter the Mary season. This is the time when we fill this blog with her blessings and her wonderful advice. 

Light a candle for Mother Mary and say a prayer to her. If you can't thing of something to say to her the prayer above will work. She will hear you. She always does and she always will. 

Let's celebrate Mary's season by being kind and loving to each other. Remember we all have our indiviual Soul's Journey, be discerning, understanding and gracious of each other!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Love . . .

Look within your soul for Love 💗 Truly it is the energy You were created from. Love 💗 Allow the energy of Love to from your hearts, through you and all around you permeating your energy field flowing through all time and space. Love Yourself as We do! Happy Spring! Mother Mary 🌹

There are questions about Romantic Love, here is Mother Mary's answer -

Romantic Love is an expression of Love.

There are many who look outside of themselves for the energy of Love. Let's not mistake sexual gratification for Love. Sexual gratification is just that. There is nothing wrong with gratifying yourself as long as you understand what is it. 

Appreciation is another expression of Love. When you feel appreciated are are more confident in your decisions and your life. Give yourself permission to give and receive compliments from the heart, from love.

Remember Love is an exchange of Energy. Make sure your exchange of Energy with your romantic partner(s), family members, friends, is equal or balanced. 

It is the beginning of Spring, this is the time of new life, new love and experiences. We ask you to have these wonderful experiences as this is how your soul grows and matures. 

We love You, Pray for You and Bless you! 

Mother Mary

Auriel Grace is a channel for Mother Mary.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016



In your busy worlds and busy minds have you taken time to reflect on how much each individual life matters on planet Earth? 

We ask you to take time each day to look at your life to feel your connection to your spouse, family, friends, community. How much does their lives matters to you? 

How will you show each person you are intimately connected to you how much you truly care for them? How deeply do you feel and how much will you honor them?

We ask you to consider your connections and to take action. The actions do not have to be huge only meaningful. A small gesture can make a huge impact on some ones life. Perhaps going out of your way to explain why you feel what you do. Be clear with your feelings.

All life matters on planet Earth, including yours. Look to your life, does it have meaning? Do you honor yourself? 

Take steps to love and care for yourself as the Angelics, Ascended Masters and the Creator does. This is why we speak of moving into your heart so much. We ask you to connect with your heart and breathe Light into it to heal and clear heartache and loss. Forgive those who have trespassed against you in all time and space. This action will free you and bring you into a place of true love of yourself and all beings everywhere. 

How wondrous is that? 

By moving into the energy of Love you attract others who are in that space as well. You assist those who are connected to you to also move into the energy of Love. It is a ripple effect that will happen over time. 

What a blessing this is.

We want to remind you that everyone on Planet Earth is learning. Everyone has their experiences they have chosen to go through. Remember to be compassionate and understanding, lending support and Love to them as they allow. 

We ask you to consider Archeia Hopes Predictions and assist in whatever way you can for your communities, you people.

We bless you and thank you!
Mother Mary, Mary of Magdala 

Auriel Grace is a Trance Channel and is honored to channel these words from Mother Mary & Mary of Mandala.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

United States Message

We write this message to assist you with the upcoming days, months and years in the United States. We ask you to always be aware of your surroundings while going about your days activities. This is a time of upheaval on so many levels here in the United States of America and around the World. We will focus on the United States in this message. 

In order for the corruption to ease and the more honest to come forth we ask you to be more unified and aware of the political policies taking place. Remember what the United States stands for and stand up for yourselves in positive ways. Yes there is more to be done about the rights of all living beings, young and old. 

You will be seeing more of the corruption coming to light and a clearing of the way in the United States to a more positive and unified country. This will happen over the next decade and more. Unification starts with humans aligning with the vibration. We ask you to unify in positive ways to assist the United States through this time of transition. Use your Wisdom for the highest good of your country. 

Destruction helps no one. 

We ask you to pray and say your intentions for Peace, Love, Strength, Wisdom, Grace, Prosperity and Abundance for all living beings and the knowledge to use these virtues for the highest good. Your intentions and prayers do assist in raising the vibration of the planet. This is what is needed at this time to break up the violence done in the Creators name. 

Extend your Holiday Season to include everyday of the year. Make each day a Celebration! Remember to continue to give from your heart and connect with your sacred heart

We want to remind you - Earth, is a Free Will Planet. It is up to you to decide what is for your highest good and follow through with those ideas. You are always on your 'path' of discovery. 

We Bless You and Thank You!
Mother Mary & the Archeia, Hope, Faith, Charity and Grace

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Be the Vessel

QQ - How does one get to a state of being a vessel for the Creator?

Mary - This is a deep and complicated question. We will speak about the first steps - 

Awareness - One must be aware in all environments of what is going on. Being a vessel for the Creator requires that awareness. One must be flexible with their intuition and instinct to 'know' when to speak the words or allow the Creators energy to flow through you without judgement of 'how' the energy should be. 

Sometimes all you have to do is allow the energy to flow through you and all around you, this is called a state of Grace. 

There are no 'have to's ' or judgments with the Creator. The Creator is all of your experiences and more. There are no 'missions' as Earth is a Free Will planet. You decide and what and how much of a vessel you desire to be. 

We understand in Human history there have and are still Martyrs. You are not required to be a Martyr. You already are an expression of the Creator. So learn how to work with that expression and flow with it. It does take practice and tempering your attitudes. 

Being a vessel for the Creator is about Faith and Grace. 

Start with this energy and flow with it during your time on Earth. Remember to Celebrate. Sing, Dance and Play! 

We bless you! We Love you!

Mother Mary

Auriel Grace is a 'Vessel' or Channel for Mother Mary and her wisdom.

Auriel Grace

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


A Message From Mother Mary

In each lifetime we have a date of birth. We celebrate this day every year in each lifetime. Today is the day you Celebrate my birth, I am honored and thankful! For my Birthday I have a traditional wish 

Light a white candle and intend for Love in its Highest form to enter into your heart, physical body, mind and spirit and express Love in all the moments of your days.

Make it a practice of inviting Love into your life and allowing it to move through you and all around you. The energy of Love can heal all the hurts of this planet. 

We ask you to remember to forgive and release those who have trespassed or harmed you. When you do this you balance your karma and release old contracts keeping you from expanding into the Love energy and raising your resonance. 

When you raise your resonance you no longer feel compelled to react to lower frequency energies. This is a miracle for you are no longer placing your attention on what you do not want. Instead you are creating what you do want. 

Be easy and kind to yourself, this is a form of Love as you grow and expand!

We love you and we Bless you!
Mother Mary

Auriel Grace is a trance channel for Mother Mary.